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We have all seen the Geek shirts, well for us into Radio Control Hobbies, here are the Freek shirts. I admit it, I am a Radio Control Freek. I can not get enough of RC. I have created a line of Shirts, Gifts, and Gear for those of use who get excited by the sound of a servo and the roar of nitro. You know who you are.  Order now for the holidays and if you have some specific product you are looking for but don’t see it, let me know. Don’t forget the kids and that significant other this holiday season, we have plenty of items for them too. We even have items for your dog. Click on the designs to go to the full page for that category.

Control Freek - Long Sleeve Control Freek - Dark Shirt Control Freek = SweatshirtControl Freek - Mug

While we don’t recommend you fly topless, here are some shirts that are fun for the flying field.  Based on those famous words every pilot and aircraft enthusiast knows. REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT. And don’t forget the wife or the girlfriend…..

  Remove Before Flight - BBQRemove Before FLight - RED Remove Before Flight - Thong

For those Jet Jockeys in the bunch, here are some items just for them.  DANGER Jet Intake & BEWARE Jet Blast designs are instant classics for those who fly or admire the fastest planes on earth.

  Bewar Jet Blasts Baseball jersey - Jet BlastsDanger Jet IntakeDanger T-Shirt: DarkDanger: Boxers


A twist on our Jet Jockey line, here is for those who enjoy all types of airplanes. These words are the famous words written on Aircraft carriers to remind everyone to Beware. Now you can wear those words to the flying field and remind everyone to be safe while having fun doing it. Or just wear around town.

 Jet Blasht - White  Jet Blast - Yellow Jet Blast - Baby

If you have ever been to a concert or event and seen the people working wearing those “EVENT STAFF” or “SECURITY” shirts, then you know what this next line of shirts are all about. Now you too can be part of the “STAFF’ and be the important person. We had some fun with these and have created shirts for all those special people at the field or track. Great to wear if you go to an event. I am sure your wife will love you for giving here the “SPOUSE” shirt.  Or how about that special kind of pilot, the PLANKER.

PLanker - White  Driver Pilot - Yellow SPOUSE - DARK Instructor