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The Hobby Guy


Hello. Welcome to The Hobby Guy. This is my in depth and personal view into the world of radio control airplanes, RC Boats/Ships. RC Cars, , hobby robotics, model railroading (n-scale, g-scale), video games, and all the peripheral interests that have come along with these. The reason I am called The Hobby Guy is because I am always building or working on something.  Usually I have three or more projects going in the workshop at a given time and other times even more. Radio Control is my first passion and most of the projects i work on involve RC in some way.  You may also know me from my regular column, Park Pilot Pointers, in Park Pilot magazine. Writing for the AMA’s Park Pilot and for Model Aviation is something I really enjoy and hope to continue for a long time. Sometimes when I am working on particular items for the magazine you might not see some regular updates here, but I do try. Of course you can also check out my Twitter feed, which is always updating or my YouTube Channel

Along the way, I will share my projects, my thoughts on new and upcoming products, and introduce you to some of the personalities who have influenced me over the years and who have made some great contributions to the hobby business. You will not find any forums, but I do encourage feedback and comments, as I would like this to be an interactive and social venture.

-The Hobby Guy

March 2012 Update: For those who are long time readers, you will notice that the domain has switched from .TV to This was due to a troll taking the .tv name and squating on it. ARGH! Don’t feed the trolls! Well that is behind me now and it took a while to get everything back up and functioning. Enjoy and welcome back to TheHobbyGuy!