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September 7th, 2013 at 8:45 am

3-D Printing For Aeromodeling

3-D Printing at FUBARA lot of you have been asking about 3-D printing and I promised you I had some articles coming up. The articles will be in the October Issue of Model Aviation Magazine. If you are not yet an AMA Member and do not receive Model Aviation Magazine you can read the web edition of the article.

Click Here: 3-D Printing for Aeromodeling

Sidebar: 3D FigureWorks at the Toledo R/C Expo

Sidebar: History of 3-D Printing

Of course if you want to dive deep into 3-D printing, I suggest you find your local Makerspace, Hackerspace, or Fab Lab. If you are in New Jersey come check us out at FUBAR LABS in Highland Park, NJ.



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