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August 10th, 2012 at 3:31 am

Plume in Mysterious Mars Photo Snapped by Curiosity is Identified by NASA and Google Officials

The LA times reported that during the Mars landing Curiosity captured a mysterious photo of a plume of dust off in the distance. Lots of speculation has circled the web as to what exactly the plume was from.  With further images from Curiosity and a quick consult with Google Maps,  NASA officials have determined the true source of the dust plume. NASA announced early today that the plume was actually caused by a Google Streetview vehicle which is in operation in the area. Google joined NASA officials in the announcement to discuss the new Beta release of Google Streetview: MARS. Below is the confirming image from Google Streetview:Mars.
Google Streetview: Mars
Ok it is all just a bit of fun.  Way to go NASA Curiosity team! You inspire us all!


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