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April 2nd, 2012 at 3:15 pm

R2-D2 Build Update: Teeces V3 Dome Lighting System

Progress continues on R2-D2.  This past weekend I focused on the lighting system for R2′s dome. I am using the Teeces lighting system (named after  the R2BC member who designed it). It features Arduino control of LED based Front Logic Displays, Rear Logic Display, Process State Indicators, and Holo-Projector lights.  It is a little intimidating at first since there are dozens of LEDs that have to be soldered in their respective postions. So I was a little aprehensive but it actually turned out to not be that hard at all. It was sort of like doing an LED needlepoint. A little therepuetic actually.

The key was to do all the research first and take it step by step. I started by reading the threads and tutorials on The one area I did get a little stumped was with the PSIs.I remembered reading about soldering LED p13 & P14 first before you solder in the chip socket. It took some searching and then I found it, a “mini tutorial” for the PSIs deep in one of the threads.

YouTube Preview Image



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