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March 28th, 2012 at 1:06 pm

R2 Build Update – Skirt

YouTube Preview Image

Just a quick update on my R2-D2 build progress.

Working on the skirt and frame while I wait for some hinges to arrive.


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    Hey there!

    I noticed your video over on youtube of you trying to recreate JAG’s hinges in styrene. I am currently at the point in my build of doing my body door panels and would love to make some similar hinges for my build. Did you perhaps make templates or would you care to share some insight on the ones you created? I would like to be able to servo control mine. Give me a shout at my e-mail address if you get this… I tried to find a contact link on your site and youtube without much luck….



    Matt Duncan on June 11th, 2012


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