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April 8th, 2009 at 6:11 am

Excellent Site for N-Scale: N Scale Limited

I came across N Scale Limited while reading through the CSXDIXIELINE blog, which itself is a great blog about an n-scale layout in the process of being built.  N Scale Limited looks to be a promising resource for all things N-Scale.

N Scale Limited

N Scale Limited was created by Chris Brimley and Frank Giacobbe, who were already working through separate Web sites to provide the N scale community with new information, tips and techniques.  Chris was operating a blog called Rotating Coupler, featuring his award-winning scratch-building projects like the Dominion Building. And Frank was running a similar blog called N Scale Modeling where free downloads of printable signs and kit builds were more the focus.

While sharing information with their readers and each other, Frank and Chris began collaborating on projects behind the scenes. With surprisingly common interests like modeling big, East-coast cities in the 1940s, it was a matter of time before the two of them joined forces officially.

This is the result — a shared Web site by the same guys that so many of you have followed and read along with for so long now.  All of the information will be the same, with the same discussion and community — just bigger and better than ever. And, as an added bonus, N Scale Limited will be accepting reader submissions and looking to add guest authors over time.

We hope you enjoy N Scale Limited and as always, join in the discussions here so we can all learn from each other and become better modeler


(via N Scale Limited)

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    Thank you the feature on N Scale Limited.

    Chris Brimley and I started the N Scale Limited site just over a week ago hoping that we could provide N scale modelers with scale-specific information they’re just not able to get elsewhere.

    We’ve seen a really good amount of traffic so far and we’re really excited to be able to provide this service to fellow modelers.

    Hope to see you on the site.

    Frank Giacobbe on April 8th, 2009


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