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March 17th, 2009 at 9:18 am

Model Railroad Benchwork

So my blogging is a bit behind. I posted the photo in Flicker of the new Model Railroad Benchwork in October, but I am just writing about it now. I guess I have bloggers guilt and needed something to post. The benchwork was built more out of a need for storage than for the immediate need to start a new layout. They say neccesitiy is the mother of invention, while in this case it was the mother of the model railroad.

Model Railroad Benchwork

I know many people like to plan the track out first and then the benchwork, but I have laways had more fun building the benchwork to suit the room and then coming up with a design of a layout to fit. Perhaps it is not the most scientific, but it is a bit more organic like real railroads tend to be. Railroads may be planned, but the earth was here first – so thats my story and I am sticking to it. Besides I really needed the sorage. :)

The benchwork is twenty four inches deep in most parts, with some bump outs, and is L-shaped.  It extends 16 feet along one wall, right under the basement staris and 12 feet in the other direction. Although not in this picture, the top of the benchwork is one and a half inch thick Blu-Cor foam. I have done too many plywood layouts in the past. This time I plan to keep it easy and use foam as the base.  Also, I want to make some interesting scenes and I think I can make easier elevation changes by carving out the foam. We will see.

Of course spring is on the way and hobbies are turning back to outdoor RC flying and I do not expect much to happen on the layout over the warm months.  The goal for is to finalize the track layout and purchase the track needed for construction to begin in the fall.  This layout will be n-scale and I should have plenty of room for a nice yard under the steps and some nice mainlines. I have been debating about adding a shelf layout above for my HO stuff, but that will be a future endeavor.


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