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December 21st, 2008 at 5:28 pm

Dick Kline: Super Hero to RC Pilots Everywhere!

One of the first friends I made after starting this site was Dick Kline, inventor of the Kline-Folgelman airfoil. Over the past few years as our friendship has grown I have noticed something else grow, use of the Kline-Folgelman design. The design has taken root in the RC Airplane community and has become the most influential design principal for all modern RC aircraft. Designers are applying the principals to countless numerations and variations of wings and aircraft.  The KF Airfoil or simply KF as it is called, was not an invention of a team of NASA engineers, but rather a man who had an open mind to look outside the box. Thank you Dick! With so many KF designs in the works or in the air I have created an entire new video section dedicated to Kline-Folgeman designs.


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