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June 9th, 2008 at 11:46 am

P-51 Newsreel

I always loved watching the old newsreels. I am too young of course, to have seen them first run, but seeing them on the History Channel or on some show is always very interesting to me. Newsreels presented things with such drama. I mean that in a good way, they make up for the lack of quality of the film with dramatic music, good voice and copy. Well, here is my take at a newsreel. We had our MMAC Fun Fly yesterday and some of the pilots had their Hangar 9 P-51D Mustangs out. One of the members, Ernie, did a great job flying for the camera and it inspired this video. Enjoy.

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    bellissimi modeli

    ennio on June 14th, 2008
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    I am A beginner , Well I’ve flown Heli’s For A year or So, BUT I’ve only flew An Airplane 2-3 times, & it was, is, A cheappy 2 ch Foam Job!! Anyways I just bought a Used plane Very simulair to This one

    Scott Monaghan on February 13th, 2009


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