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January 14th, 2008 at 7:01 am

AMA Launches Park Pilot Program

This past weekend at the AMA Convention in Ontario, California the AMA officially announced it’s new Park Pilot membership program. The Park Pilot program has a reduced membership of $29.95 and has other benefits geared towards Park Pilots. The Park Pilot program is focused on the smaller, electric, Park Flyer aircraft that are so popular today. In addition, the AMA has launched a new publication called Park Pilot Magazine. I am particularly excited about all of this as I have been calling for such a program for a while and I talked about it so much, they asked me to be columnist for the new Park Pilot Magazine.

That is why I have been quite on this blog, I have been so excited that I feared giving away any details before the official announcement. There are some other back stories that I will share over the coming days that I think all of you will enjoy.

Here are some links and videos to information on the Park Pilot membership:


AMA Park Pilot Website

AMA Park Pilot FAQ

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    I followed the links and read some of the material. While I am happy that there is finally recognition of the potentially huge contribution this class or aircraft has to the future of the sport, I think there is something sadly missing:

    There is a strong emphasis that Park Flyers are electric powered, or similar. There is no mention of UNPOWERED models. Gliders are very well suited to flying away from “regular” flying fields, provided they are designed in such a way as to minimize the potential for injury. Slow-flying gliders launched by a variety of means exist. Many gliders are made from impact-absorbing EPP or EPO foam, or even EPS. And I should specifically mention slope soaring, which at LOW LIFT slopes can be a slow-speed safe sport. Of course, the high-performance slope soarers flown at high lift slopes are a different matter in terms of potential injury.

    So, in designating a “Park” location suitable for spectator-friendly operations of gliders, those high-lift, high-performance slopes should perhaps be avoided, with consideration for the 60mph rule.

    I hope other countries around the world might follow the AMA’s lead in recognising Park Flyers.

    Pijuvwy on May 23rd, 2008
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    Just built this. Simple. Newby to flying. Couldn’t get the CG to work out unless I added fishing weights behind the engine. Does it make any difference if I move the engine forward about 1-1/2″? Seems like the plane has very little glide in it. Appreciate hearing comments. Tom

    tom selck on March 28th, 2010


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