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July 9th, 2007 at 7:57 pm

Budget RC – Great People, Great Products!

A few months back at the Weak Signals Toledo Show I had the pleasure to meet a Mark Schoenrock from Budget RC. From the moment we started talking our conversation centered around this exciting hobby of Model Aviation and the great things it can bring to children, adults, teens, and people of all ages. I have heard too many people (in and out of the hobby) exclaim that our hobby has no purpose other than recreation and I can tell you, if thats what you think, think again.

Model Aviation is a hobby that calls upon many different skills and talents such as problem solving, math, engineering, artistic abilities, hand to eye coordination, and people skills. The growth of these skills and the interpersonal relationships that develop among fellow modelers are what make this a great hobby.

Mark, Mark, & Kyle From

I believe that Mark and his two sons, Mark and Kyle (above) are proof of the great things Model Aviation can bring into peoples lives. During our conversation Mark talked about how he built Budget RC and how his sons are involved in the hobby and the business. At the end of conversation I asked Mark if he would share the Budget RC story here on TheHobbyGuy, as I believe it is a story that needs to be heard.

Besides a great story, Budget RC has some great products! My oldest son recently soloed and he wanted a Budget RC Hornet – so he is getting the one I ordered today. Shh..just don’t tell him yet. Oh, and why did he want a Budget RC Hornet? Because in his words “It’s Cool” and he loves how it flies on the simulator.
Budget RC ( a.k.a. BRC) was started in January 2006 by Mark Schoenrock and his sons, Mark and Kyle. The business evolved from a love of radio control flying that the entire Schoenrock family has shared for years.

Mark has been involved in modeling for nearly 30 years and it all began in 1977 when he met his wife’s Uncle Bud who is an RC pilot and enthusiast. Uncle Bud encouraged Mark to learn the sport and it didn’t take long and until Mark was hooked. So when Uncle Bud encouraged him to go a step further and create his own model designs, Mark did so with great enthusiasm. During the past 30 years Mark has designed several models, taking one to production – the Tri-Fli.

The Tri-Fli airplane came with one fuselage and three interchangeable wings. It went out of production when the manufacture went out of business. Mark is considering bringing the Tri-Fli back.Using his own designs Mark has been a champion fun fly competitor many times during the early 90′s. Mark’s passion is designing model airplanes and his love of math is a big help. His past experience in manufacturing and assembly are an asset to the company, allowing it to grow while it produces high quality products for the RC pilot.

Mark’s eldest son, Mark, is also an RC pilot and has a passion and Bachelor’s Degree is in Computer Animation. These skills aid BRC in all artistic aspects including, but not limited to designing graphics, web design assistance and putting the models into flight simulators. Mark who currently lives in Orlando, FL has been flying for over 15 years now and enjoys coming home to Michigan to fly with his dad and his brother Kyle.

It all began for Kyle over 12 years ago when he first watched his Dad fly. Kyle was enthused how his dad had complete control of the airplane. Kyle enjoyed watching but was more excited when he actually got to fly the Tri-Fli, one of his dad’s designs. Kyle started with just loops and barrel rolls but was hooked nonetheless. Kyle would get his first airplane, an Eagle, for Christmas at just eight years old. That plane didn’t get built though until Kyle was ten. It was at that time he had learned that Great Planes had come out with a flight simulator and he had to have one. Kyle was glued to it for three months; honing his skills. He still remembers his first Eagle flight and now ten years later he is the test pilot for Budget RC.

Budget RC’s current focus is to offer outstanding performing designs and models to their customers. Its facility covers all aspects of production including design, print, cut and packaging. All this comes with budget minded prices with the customer in mind.

As of March 1st, 2007, BRC owns all the equipment necessary to make this happen and to benefit their customers and their families. By doing this, BRC believes will compete in the world market. Budget RC’s focus is currently on electric models and will be adding gas models later this year. Budget RC is a family owned business dedicated to family fun and entertainment in the sport of RC flying.

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    what website or can i go to buy a budget rc ,and it dont say even where they are located./

    dan smith on February 27th, 2008


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