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June 2nd, 2007 at 4:29 am

The New York Harlem Line Goes Virtual in Trainz Classic

I think if you were to dig deep with most Model Railroaders you would find that there is some reason linked to their childhood or an important part of their life that generated the interest in in pursuing Model Railroading. For me, it was my fathers career on the railroad and growing up building model railroads in our house. Good times!

In past posts I have talked about how the model railroad hobby has gone virtual and how much fun modeling in V-Scale is. Now, Auran, the maker of Trainz and Trainz 2006, is releasing Trainz Classic. Trainz Classic is going to start out with a focus on The New York Harlem Line, Grand Central, and Metro North Commuter Railroad. This is exciting for me as my father began his career in Grand Central working for New York Central and over the years worked much of this line, including working for Conrail, and finally retiring with Metro North. It should be interesting seeing this virtual recreation of a railroad line that I grew up around.

Trainz Classic is due to ship July 9, 2007 and Auran has already launched the Trainz Classics website.


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