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May 2nd, 2007 at 6:19 pm

Top Gun Invitational 2007

Today kicked off Top Gun Invitational 2007 and I so wish I could be there! Since I can not, I will just keep re-watching WildBerry Production’s Top Gun Invitational DVD. I ordered the DVD about a week ago, and it arrived a few days ago along with the Electric Flight School DVD I ordered. One word sums up the Top Gun DVD – AMAZING! In fact I have watched the Top Gun DVD so many times I lost count and I have not even had a chance to view the Electric Flight School DVD. My youngest son has made me put the DVD on each night while he falls asleep. He loves it too.

To show you how good the DVD is, last night while I was at the MMAC club meeting my wife put on the DVD for my youngest and she watched the whole DVD even though he fell asleep. My wife is the greatest and she supports all my hobbies, but getting her to sit through an hour of anything with my hobbies is not first on her list. This morning she let me know how amazing she thought Top Gun is and how good a job WildBerry Production did on the DVD.

So this is not just The Hobby Guy telling you how good this is, you have the seal of approval of The Hobby Guy’s Wife!

Now maybe next year I can remind her how amazing Top Gun is and how we need to see it in person.


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