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April 3rd, 2007 at 8:14 am

RCX 2007

Hi all. I posted pictures from RCX 2007 on Flickr. I will follow up with a write up and some video. Enjoy the pictures for now.

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    Now I know you love the inventions of genius Nikola Tesla : ))
    You really have interesting ideas and posts, unique than others. Keep on this good blogging on your topics!

    Danica on May 10th, 2007
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    Just left reply on your comment on tesla’s top 5 inventions, but as I read your comment you mentioned the article you did. if not in public, you feel free to send me via email, i would be more than pleased to read it!


    Danica on May 10th, 2007
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    I wish my man would get a radio controlled airplane…so I could play with it! I can’t justify the expense myself, but if it’s his toy first, then all bets are off!

    Never teh Bride on May 11th, 2007


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