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March 25th, 2007 at 10:25 pm

Ask A Question, Invent An Airfoil – Meet Dick Kline

Last October I embarked on a journey, that I could never have predicted would be as fun or as interesting as it has become. I had decided to build a Flying Wing and I decided to use the Kline-Fogelman Airfoil design that I was reading about on RCGroups. The wing, now dubbed the K-F CoroWing, was a success and many of you have written in asking about it. Several of you have even built variants of your own.

I had almost forgotten about my posts on the K-F Wing when several weeks ago I received an e-mail from Dick Kline, inventor of the K-F Airfoil. Dick introduced himself and asked me what I thought of the airfoil.

I was not sure what to answer. We have all been around the Internet long enough to know that not everyone can be who they seem. I took it on faith that this was really Dick Kline and I responded in kind. Several e-mails later I decided I needed to know more about Mr. Kline and what motivated him to invent such an airfoil.

Dick agreed to speak with me and we scheduled a call for the following week. I was still not sure what to expect. I guess I did have some expectations; I expected Dick Kline to be an engineer, probably with a long career at Boeing or something. Boy, was I wrong.

After a cordial greeting, Dick Kline’s first words to me were “do you consider yourself a creative person?”

I knew right then that this conversation was going to be interesting and any pre-conceived notions were out the window. We went on to speak for another two-an-a-half hours. By the end of our conversation I was energized and excited.
Why was I so excited? First, I felt I had made a new friend. Dick is a great guy and fun to talk to.
Secondly, our conversation went to a deeper level. We went beyond how Dick invented an airfoil. We discussed how how all of us, you, me, everyone has the ability to be creative; pose questions; answer those questions and make something happen.

After my conversation with Dick I thought about writing up the interview and posting it here. However, the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was it would be better for all of you to hear from Dick Kline himself. Dick agreed and he has written up a nice piece on the origins of the K-F Airfoil.  Over the next couple of days I will post it along with some pictures of the K-F’s first flights.

The greatest part of any hobby is the people you meet. I am very glad to have met Dick Kline. I never would have expected such a great journey from a simple decision to build a wing, but it happened. Enjoy your week, and I will post Dick’s article up for all of you to enjoy.


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