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November 10th, 2006 at 8:33 am Sets 4 World Records For Blogging, maybe

Since no one has claimed these records, I am claiming them now. So I now hold the following World Records for extreme Blogging:
World Record - Blog Post At The Highest Altitude: 31,000 feet above sea level – The Hobby Guy, Nov 10, 2006

World Record – Going The Fastest While Writing & Posting To A blog: 515 mph - The Hobby Guy, Nov 10, 2006

World Record – Highest Altitude Upload to Flickr: 31,000 feet above sea level -  The Hobby Guy, Nov 10, 2006

World Record – Going The Fastest While Uploading to Flickr: 515 miles per hour - The Hobby Guy, Nov 10, 2006

This Blog entry is being written and posted while on Lufthansa Flight 4725, 31000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. The Flight originated in Frankfurt, Germany and we are headed to Newark, NJ at over 515 miles per hour. I am connected right now via Boeings Connextix’s in flight WiFi internet access. Solid bandwidth, and it allows VPN and full connectivity. Maybe next trip I will go for some VOIP world records.

Photo credit goes to Dirk V. from Dallas, a fellow traveler. Dirk snapped the pictures while I typed away. World records are big accomplishments, you need to have a team when setting records. Thank you to Dirk and his mom for all their support and efforts from seats 52a and 52b.
I don’t suggest anyone go after my records too fast, you need to be mentally ready and physically in shape. There are many perils while writing live on the Internet at 31,000 feet; your elbow could get knocked in the aisle, then there is food service in the middle of trying to post, not to mention the turbulence – that was fun. After all those perils, you have to add in the cramped, did I say cramped, working conditions.

After all this I better rest with the in flight movie. I am exhausted form setting these records today.

Thank you again to Dirk, and his Mom, for there help and conversation.
So where have you blogged from? Try and beat my records, but be careful. Leave me some comments about your extreme blogging.


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