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October 15th, 2006 at 9:27 pm

CoroWing SPAD Flight Report

The CoroWing SPAD actually can fly. I was a bit worried about the weight, and that is why I increased the step in the Kline-Fogelman airfoil and used 3/8″ spruce instead of 1/4″ spruce.

Initial flights to adjust center of gravity (CG) and trim were a bit rough due to the strong winds. On about the third flight it all came together. This wing flies very stable, and handles wind with style.

The test flights prove this wing is indestructible. I had a few full power nose in hits and the wing is unscathed. One hard landing (which you see in the video) caused a winglet to fly off. It was re-attached and ready to fly immediately.

The CG was adjusted by moving the LiPo battery fore and aft. The Velcro in the center, like on the FanFold version, made it easy to adjust. This KF airfoil needs almost no reflex in the elevon settings and once it is balanced it has some very nice stability to it.

Enjoy the video of the first flights. I would love to hear your thoughts, leave me some comments on your experiences with SPADs or flying wings.

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    Nice job. If you want to go nitro I designed the CoroZag SPAD a few months ago:

    I fly it with a .25LA, and it’s definitely the funnest .25 plane I’ve ever flown.

    So, is the KF airfoil real? I also stumbled on that thread and have been considering something ever since. From all I’ve read, formal test results have never shown much promise.


    Joe Weisman on October 18th, 2006
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    I am liking your corozag very much! Nice! It is on my build list now!
    The KF Airfoil is real, it just does not have much commercial application as it performs well only at lower speeds. You can really feel the difference with the KF Airfoil, as no matter how much you fiddle with the CG, the nose wants to go up. The CG is also very wide, and forgiving. The wing, unlike normal delta wings, needs little no elevon reflex. If anything sometimes in high winds I have had to add negative reflex, to keep the nose down.
    Thanks for the feedback!

    TheHobbyGuy on October 18th, 2006
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    I’m the inventor of the Kline-Fogleman airfoil and I’ve been thrilled and feel vindicated with your flying wing. You and Tony65X55 have shown that what I have stated in my book does prove out. Have you had a chance to do anything else with this concept? A test was done a long time ago which put the K-F step on the tip of a wooden prop. Against a conventional prop the K-F prop produced a pound more of thrust: 11 lbs to 10 lbs. And, 200 fewer rpms out of 13,500. The performance of the RC also was noticeably improved when it flew with the K-F prop.

    Dick Kline on February 24th, 2007
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    Sorry for this “thread excavation”, but my old corozag plan (mentioned in previous post) has moved. The plan is now at:

    Joe Weisman on February 10th, 2009


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