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September 12th, 2006 at 2:18 pm

RoboOne, meet JetJoe

I have always had a passion for bringing skills and ideas from one area to an other. For example, how my radio control hobbies cross over into my robot hobbies. Often I will speak with others in a particular hobby and they never look outside their hobby for inspiration or ideas.

I was recently speaking with a hobby shop owner and fellow model airplane enthusiast who has access to a lot of robotic products, but he never realized the potential. He knew that a lot of the manufacturers carried products for robotics, but never entertained the idea that these products could be relevant for his world. When we started discussing it, he was amzed at what was possible with the robotic use of servos from Futaba, JR, Hitec, and other Radio Control manufactures.

This is more than something that happens in hobbies, this happens in life. We are all guilty of it, we get focused on something and never look around to for new inspiration. How many times have you come across a product or an idea and thought; “gee, why did I not think of that?”

Look at RoboOne and biped robots. A few years ago, biped robots (think Honda’s ASIMO) were the realm of corporations with a lot of money, or the few enthusiasts with enough time, money, and passion to build one. Then one day a Japanese robot enthusiast puts together a few hobby servos and a micro-controller a builds a 1.5 foot tall biped robot that amazes the world.

Now everyone is building a RoboOne type robot. Companies like Hitec are releasing kits for RoboOnes. Hitec’s RoboNova is an excellent kit to start with.

All this thinking came from when I saw this video:


It may be a simple Gi-Joe doll with a few servos and a Parallax controller, but it is impressive. The creator seems to be a Radio Control Turbine Jet enthusiast (Yes Radio control planes can do over 200mph), and it seems he is into, or has some cross knowledge of the hobby robotics world. Nice! Or it could be old fashion stop frame animation and a hoax, but it is still a cool idea.
So, RoboOne, meet JetJoe.


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